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M&K Professionals

In daily use in hundreds of professional studios around the world, the M&K Sound Professional MPS 2510P is an updated, further refinement of the classic M&K Sound Professional powered monitor with musical sound, wide dynamics and excellent imaging that make it the choice of professionals and perfectionists.


Satin or Cloth
Input Impedance:
15 kOhm unbalanced,
60 kOhm balanced

Input Sensitivity:
90 dB SPL, 1 meter, Unbalanced, 100mV
90 dB SPL, 1 meter, balanced, 200mV

Max Output Level:
112 dB, 1 meter

Maximum Input:
±24 dBu balanced

Frequency Response:
80 Hz – 20 kHz ± 3 dB

Vertical Directivity:
Wide Mode – 50 degrees
Narrow Mode – 30 degrees

80 Hz Filter Type:
Butterwort Q=0.707

80 Hz Filter Slope:

80 Hz Filter Switch:

Power Amplifiers:
Two channels, symmetrically balanced discrete bipolar transistors

Power Output Bas/Mid Amp:
180 Watts, 4 Ohm, 0.004% THD,100 Hz

Power Output Tweeter Amp:
180 Watts into 4 Ohm @ 0.01% THD @ 3 kHz

12.5”  x 10.5” x 16.5”/ 31.5 x 26.5 x 42 cm

42 lb/ 19 kg

150 Series Brochure Cover

Read about the MPS 2510P in the 150 Series & MPS2510P brochure.

Innovative Phase-Focused Design

Combined with the front-mounted 1” soft-dome tweeter and 5.25” polypropylene mid-woofer direct radiating configuration (the same drivers as in the LCR-750 and Center 750), the Tripole® design provides even distribution of sound throughout the listening area with pinpoint accuracy and an enveloping soundfield, allowing listeners to experience superior imaging and surround quality.

Occupying less than a single cubic foot, the compact M&K Sound 2510P system produces amazing output levels with tremendous clarity, extraordinary dialog intelligibility and ultra-low distortion.

M&K Professional’s top-of-the-line MPS 2510P compact powered reference monitor is designed for music, mastering, broadcast and film sound post-production in medium-sized control rooms (3,500 cubic feet or a monitoring distance of six to eight feet). The bi-amplified MPS 2510P is THX pm3-compliant and features switchable 80 Hz highpass filtering and continuously variable gain control.

To eliminate inevitable high-level signal losses that can restrict dynamic range and diminish output, MPS 2510P does away with passive crossovers, employing instead an active network coupled with separate 180 Watt amplifiers for the HF and LF transducers built into each speaker. 
User-selectable vertical directivity via a rear panel switch facilitates optimal integration in a wide range of monitoring environments. Narrow Mode ensures controlled directivity for focused sound at the main monitoring position. If desired, Narrow Mode also allows the user to configure a vertical array by stacking multiple speakers, either for higher SPL or for coverage of larger rooms. Wide Mode covers a deeper seating area for listeners at a producer’s desk behind the mixer. A front panel LED confirms correct front speaker alignment, when it is clearly visible at the listening position.

MPS 2510P is the expert solution designed to accommodate the demands of serious professionals in a wide array of mixing environments for everything from desktop systems to game development to control rooms and dubbing theatres.

The MPS 2510P is a high performance bi-amped (2 x 180 watts) active two-way, monitor loudspeaker utilizing three 1” polymer coated silk soft-dome, ferrofluid cooled dual-magnet tweeters with specially damped rear chambers, and dual 5¼” mineral-filled polypropylene cone, magnetically shielded, dual-magnet cast basket woofers. Featuring M&K Sound’s proprietary Phase-Focused™ Crossover with Time domain Analysis, it provides amazing even dispersion of sound throughout a broad listening area with superior imaging and sound quality. Used by many noted Film and Music recording studios worldwide and delivers unparalleled transparency, accuracy, and dynamics while effortlessly handling voices, percussive effects, and musical instruments with life-like impact.

Available in black satin finish with black cloth grille.

• Updated, refinement of the legendary two-way, bi-amped (2 x 180 W) active monitor

• All-new custom built high frequency driver
• Phase Focused Crossover with Time Domain Analysis,  Frequency Domain Analysis and Points-In-Space Analysis
• Variable vertical directivity
• Variable gain control with bypass switch for fixed gain
• Balanced and single-ended inputs
• 80 Hz highpass filter switch
• Convenient throughput for connecting multiple speakers per channels or for direct subwoofer connection
• Array/stacking option
• Magnetically shielded