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M&K Professional

For extraordinary accuracy and flatness in both the frequency and phase domains in installations where space is at a premium, the 2401P assures critical listeners of precision monitoring for extended periods without listener fatigue.


Satin or Cloth
Input Impedance:
15 kOhm unbalanced,
 60 kOhm balanced

Input Sensitivity:
Unbalanced 100mv 
=90 dB SPL @ 1 meter
Balanced 200mv 
= 90 dB SPL @ 1 meter

Max Output Level:
112 dB @ 1 meter

Maximum Input:
+24 dBu Balanced

Frequency Response:
300Hz to 12kHz ± 1 dB
80Hz to 20kHz ± 3 dB

Vertical Directivity:
Wide – 50 degrees, 
Narrow – 30 degrees

Cabinet Type:
Sealed box

Crossover Frequency:
1.2 kHz

80 Hz Filter Type:
Butterworth, Q=.707

80 Hz Filter Slope:
12 dB/octave

Power Amplifiers:
Symmetrically balanced
discrete bipolar

2 (bi-amplified)

Power Output Midrange Amplifier:
180 Watts into 4 Ohm @ 0.004% THD @ 100 Hz

Power Output Tweeter Amplifier:
180 Watts into 4 Ohm @ 0.01% THD @ 3 kHz

Dimensions (HxWxD):
12.5” H x 10.5” W x 16.13” D 
(with heatsink) 14”

• Phase Focused Crossover with Time Domain Analysis,
Frequency Domain Analysis and Point-In-Space Analysis
• 1” soft-dome ferrofluid neodymium tweeter
• Dual 4” coated pulp bass/midrange drivers
• Magnetic shielding

Moderate price, modest footprint and full-bandwidth response 
make the MPS 2401P the no-compromise choice for installations 
with space and/or budgetary constraints.