M&K Sound – Our Vision and Mission

At M&K Sound, we design loudspeakers to sound inherently right, making them universal tools, equally adept with any style of music or movie soundtrack, in stereo or surround.

The inherent rightness of our products – call it accuracy, precision, naturalness, realism – breaks down the barriers that otherwise exist between professional and consumer audio, as we create loudspeakers free from the analytical brutality of typical studio monitors that make listening feel like work and equally free from the euphonic colorations of typical domestic speakers that introduce a boring sameness to recorded sound.

Our philosophy is that the only truly worthwhile listening experience is one that transports you to the site of the original acoustic event with absolutely minimal loss, addition or distortion. This is why our speakers are designed as a conduit to allow you to hear exactly what the performers and recording engineers heard, no more and no less.

As a company founded on audiophile recording and High End loudspeaker design, the basis for all M&K design work throughout three and a half decades has always been that a good loudspeaker must accurately and realistically reproduce the original acoustic event, whether the source is a human voice, a musical instrument, an explosion or a gentle breeze caressing the leaves of a tree. Naturally, this must include the acoustical ambiance of the space in which the source was recorded.

A Commitment to Excellence

For more than three decades, Miller & Kreisel has been the standard bearer in speakers for music and motion picture sound in the studio and in the home. Because our emphasis has always been exclusively on accurate reproduction that maintains the full integrity of the original recorded signal, M&K has developed a fiercely loyal following both among professional users and music and cinema enthusiasts.

Under the M&K Sound banner, veteran members of the M&K Professional team joined forces in 2007 to keep the legend alive with a clear and focused vision to maintain and improve the high standard of the products and their presence in the global marketplace. Along with newly recruited expertise, the M&K Sound team includes Individuals closely associated with the brand for many years, to ensure continuity and consistency as we strive to enhance the distinct identity and high profile of the brand.

Our product development and listening panel includes representatives from one of the world’s leading microphone manufacturers, from major US and European post-production facilities, as well as innovative transducer designers from Peerless (now part of the Tymphany Group).

We are all dedicated audiophiles with a passion for the art and science of high quality sound reproduction. With staff on three continents, M&K Sound represents a serious investment in and commitment to research and development and quality assurance.

Believe everything you hear, but only if you’re hearing it on M&K Sound loudspeakers!

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