“Serious hardware, serious installation” was the tting headline that summed up the experience of the staff of online audio/video magazine www.avonline.hu when they visited the newly remodeled main demo room of M&K Sound’s recent- ly appointed Hungarian distributor, the simply and aptly named Home Movie.

Of course, such high praise came as no surprise to us at M&K headquarters, as we al-ways demand the very best before making any addition to our global family of distributors. And Home Movie, run by individuals who are equal parts audio professionals and home entertainment enthusiasts, more than live up to our high standards.

The Speakers:

M&K Sound S300 fronts
M&K Sound S300T surrounds, 2 pair M&K Sound X10 subwoofer
M&K Sound V12 subwoofer

Home Movie are a team of custom installers who specialize in the planning, design, installation and calibration of professional home entertainment systems. Discovering that there was no firm in Hungary in possession of the necessary skills and professional background was the initial inspiration behind the establishment of the company. Along the way, they have become representatives for key specialist brands who assist in fulfilling their vision of offering comprehensive services to dealers and end users.

“M&K Sound loudspeakers proved to be the perfect solution for our demo room. The S300 is one of the best speaker systems that we have ever heard, its exceptionally accurate and energetic sound has a captivating effect. My only regret is that we did not discover M&K Sound sooner.”

Csaba Juhasz, Home Movie

“It is worth paying a visit now to Home Movie, for it is great fun to sit smiling inadvertently in your seat while watching a loud film sequence. It is also interesting to see how a true home cinema is capable of providing a musical experience that makes your jaw drop in surprise.”

www.avonline.hu, AV webzine

In order to achieve and maintain the extraordinary level of knowledge and professionalism essential to the building of stylish home cinema rooms with ideal acoustics, the Home Movie crew take every possible opportunity to expand their understanding of the eld and exchange ideas with other serious professionals at seminars and training courses.

They immediately demonstrated their total commitment and dedication to M&K Sound by rebuilding their primary listening room to create a fine showcase for the top of the line S300 system.

To accommodate the significantly heavier rear speakers and the increased sound pressure levels made possible by the M&K Sound sys- tem, modi cations had to be made, including the reinforcement of pillars supporting the loudspeakers in the rear of the room and moving the seating arrangement further for- ward. To make room for more visitors, large armchairs were replaced with used cinema chairs, renovated by the Home Movie staff. In addition to offering more seats, this change also contributes greatly to the enhanced illussion of a true cinematic experience.

Although the room occupies a modest 4.35 x 4.90 meters of oor space, the ceiling height is 2.9 meters. With carefully placed acoustic panels and room correction, the space offers fine acoustics worthy of the S300 system.

Unusually, the installation employs both an X10 and an V12 dual-drive push-pull subwoofer. At the front of the room, an M&K Sound X10 provides accurate deep bass sound, while an X10 behind the last row of seats contributes to a much more homogeneous sound, free from the deleterious effects of standing waves. This is not merely an impression based on subjective listening, but a fact supported by actual in-room measurements. Across the 20 – 120 Hz range, response varies by less than 2 dB, a very impressive real-world result.

To sum up the sound of the Home Movie demo room in the most impartial way possible, we can close with these words from www.avonline.hu: “The S300 system is a hell of a beast. When we arrived, a test CD was playing that we had heard to death before, yet the sound was definitely refreshing. Musical! This was our rst exclamation. We were just sitting there, enjoying the music. We tried to find fault with the sound, attempted to get a grip on the system, but we were unable to. We cannot diminish the excellence of the system by saying that “it is good considering it is a home theatre”. It is simply good and that is all there is.”

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Címünk: 1171 Budapest, Óvónő u. 23.
E-mail: info@homemovie-hu
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