What is CI Solutions?

A CI Solution is in a short words a sound system which bring your home theater to the next level. The CI Solutions comes in a wide range of solutions that offers a variety of sounds to suit the individual needs which makes it customizable to fit your home theater.

Why Choose a CI Solution?

The main reason of choosing a CI Solution is if you want to take your home theater to a higher level. CI Solution delivers great audio and are used both by amateurs and professionals. With a CI Solution you can expect a smooth response, a natural vocal articulation, a harmonic integrety all combined in a nice clean design.

What CI Solutions do M&KSound offer?

We offer a wide variety of CI Solution that satisfies most needs of your home theater if its from a professional or amateur need.  We offer four different series and one In-Wall CI Solution that all offers amazing sound quality in your home theater.  Below is a quick rundown of the CI Solutions we offer.

150 Series

The 150 Series comes in two versions that both offers great sound for the need of both the professional and amateur, its easy to setup and has a nice clean look which takes your home theater to the next level.

300 Series

The 300 series delivers a smooth and consistant audio experience. It is made together in a collaboration of parners within the music and cinema business with the goal of creating an CI Solution that offers a high output, low distorsion and with a smooth repsonse.

750 Series

The 750 Series comes in three CI Solutions, which all provides audio and home theater entusiast a sound quality which is out of the ordinary. It ensures high quality, harmonic integrety and a natural vocal articulation and delivers an overall solid range of quality sound for your home theater.

950 Series

If you are looking for the Rolls Royce of CI Solutions your should go for the 950 Series. It delivers in all categories of audio. Futhermore it has a clean an simple design that benefits the overall impression of your home theater. The 950 series is made for the perfectionists who do not want to compromise on sound and design.


The In-Wall CI Solution offers you the posibillity to implement the sound into your walls. It makes the sound system almost invisible in your home theater. Its made from a unique frameless design that makes it possible implement the CI Solution into the wall.