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Architectural Series

The invisible look of M&K Sound’s architectural speakers are the result of our unique frameless design. Unlike virtually all other in-wall speakers, M&K Sound’s in-wall speakers don’t require the plastic “picture frame” that can be so visually distracting to interior design.

IW5_back IW_front_square IW_front_circular IW150_rear IW95_front2 IW150_front IW5 IW-150-Front

IW-5 – The latest addition to the M&K Sound Architectural Series is designed to match the acclaimed richly detailed sound reproduction of the M&K Sound M Series satellites.

IW-85 – Take a closer look at most in-wall speakers and you’ll find generic drivers and a basic crossover, all bearing little resemblance to the components of a high quality speaker.

IW-95 – Experience full-range sound rivaling many “audiophile” stand-alone speakers, in a designer-friendly package that integrates beautifully into walls or ceilings.

IW-150 – This is the choice for those looking for the finest in-wall speaker available.



IW-28S & VA500 

IW Series Brochure

Read about the whole series in the IN-Wall series brochure.

All M&K Sound in-wall speakers employ a specially developed version of our proprietary Phase-Focused™ crossover to ensure superb sonic imaging throughout the room, regardless of the speaker’s location. Powerful magnets attach the white metal grille to the speaker baffle, eliminating the need for an unattractive frame around the speaker. To create the perfect match between the speaker and your wall or ceiling, simply paint the grille to match your interior.



M&K Sound Architectural In-Wall speakers deliver unsurpassed sound quality identical to that produced by the M&K Sound studio monitors that are the reference standard for film and music recording studios worldwide. With the M&K Sound Architectural Series you can own speakers that look as good as they sound.