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A powerful speaker system of deceptively modest dimensions, the M&K Sound 950 offers superb sound quality with a minimal footprint in any living space.

No one – absolutely no one – has credentials and experience in the design and construction of loudspeakers for the professional and enthusiast that even come close to matching M&K Sound’s nearly 40 years at the forefront of loudspeaker development.

950-Series-Main LCR-950-Front LCR950_front2 LCR950_front1 950F_IMG_0007_1 950F_front 950F_IMG_0017 LCR950_front2 MK-950F

950F – A powerful speaker of deceptively modest stature, the M&K Sound 950F offers superb sound quality with a minimal footprint in any living space.

LCR-950 – Expressly built for high-power handling with minimal dynamic compression, the 950 tweeter delivers full dynamic range at high output levels with an openness and airiness far beyond loudspeakers of comparable size and cost.

SUR-95T – The SUR-95T Tripole® surround loudspeaker allows multi-channel home entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy MK Sound Tripole® technology, in a practical size for side or rear placement in a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channel configuration that won’t dominate your living space.

950 Series Brochure Cover

Read about the whole series in the 950 series brochure.

Take Full Advantage

The all-new 950 THX Select2 (Pending) loudspeaker system takes full advantage of this unique legacy. Because the 950 system takes its place in the range between the acclaimed 750 THX Select system and the legendary 150 THX Ultra system, expectations naturally run high for loudspeakers of such distinguished pedigree.



Distinctive Styling

With an ambitious eye for exceeding those expectations by a significant margin, the M&K Sound 950 system draws heavily on technologies and components created for its famed professional and domestic siblings, while sporting its own distinctive styling with metal mesh grilles that impart an attractive, upscale designer feel. The cabinets feature soft radiused edges for a sculpted look that blends well with contemporary and traditional domestic environments.

The heavy, curved metal grilles are acoustically inert and are held in place with magnets concealed in the front baffle. This design eliminates the annoying buzz or rattle that typically occurs when other brands dress-up their products with cheap, lightweight plugin metal or plastic fronts. The M&K Sound 950 offers contemporary visual appeal at no sacrifice in audio performance.

The Choice of Professionals and Perfectionists

M&K Sound products consistently break down the barriers that normally separate demanding professional applications from ordinary domestic use. Critical home theater enthusiasts and serious audio professionals find rare common ground in acknowledging M&K Sound as the pinnacle of loudspeaker performance for multichannel music mixing, mastering, broadcast and film sound production or simply for kicking back and relaxing at home with your favorite music and movies.

The 950 system proudly lives up to the M&K Sound  tradition as The Choice of Professionals and Perfectionists.