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M&K SOUND professional active bi-amplified monitors have become 
the reference standard in the finest music and film post-production studios throughout the world.

Hundreds of facilities, including Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Skywalker Sound, Warner Bros., Dolby Laboratories, DTS, as well as sound designers, mixers, and composers all rely on the smooth, accurate sound of M&K SOUND.

MP7_front_4_BK M7 M7_front2 MP7_front_1_WH M5_blackgrille M4T-LR_1s M4T_4 MP7_back_1_WH MP7_front_4_BK M7_back4 M5_whitegrille

M-4T – The M-4T Tripole® is our multi-polar, rear channel speaker, voice-matched for the M-7 and M-5, providing the benefits of M&K SOUND’s exclusive Tripole® Technology in a remarkably compact and affordable package.

M-5 – For smaller spaces or installations where high sound pressure levels and the full weight and power of the M-7 are not required, M&K SOUND offers the smaller M-5 satellite.

M-7 – With features like a high performance silk-dome tweeter, smooth double 4” bass/midrange drivers, magnetic shielding, and full-bodied sound with wide dynamic range reminiscent of M&K SOUND professional studio monitors, the M-7 earns the right to bear the M&K SOUND name.

MP-7 – M&K Sound has created MP7, a shallower version of the popular M7 loudspeaker described by Home Cinema Choice magazine as ”a powerful set of small speakers able to deliver a genuinely big sound”.

MP-9 – MP9 Three-in-One On-Wall Speaker System








Read about the whole series in the M Series brochure.

With the M Series, M&K SOUND establishes a new performance standard for affordable, compact home entertainment systems. Featuring the same richly-detailed, dynamic sound that defines every M&K SOUND loudspeaker, the M Series delivers realistic high performance sound for music and movie soundtracks in a subtly elegant, room-friendly package.



The M Series employs M&K SOUND’s exclusive Phase Focused crossovers for uncannily realistic sound with fast transient response, razor-sharp imaging and accurate sound staging. Time Domain Analysis, Frequency Domain Analysis, and Point-in-Space Analysis (three-dimensional analysis of the speaker’s actual in-room response) ensures a smooth response over a very wide listening window, as well as more focused and coherent sound on-axis.