Below you can see the full history of M&K Sound

M&K Sound Started

M&K Sound was established in 1973.

Walter Becker of Steely Dan commissioned M&K Sound to design a studio reference subwoofer and monitoring system for the Pretzel Logic LP mixing sessions. The result was the Read more

Reputation by word of mouth

Driven by word of mouth spreading rapidly throughout the music and movie industries, M&K Sound systems were created for leading studios, as well as home installations for producers, directors, actors and Read more

First M&K Satellite/Subwoofer System

This is first M&K Satellite/Subwoofer System (David & Goliath)

First M&K direct-to-disc recordings (Blu and Blu Jam)

M&K introduces adjustable spectral balance (now known as timbre-matching) in S-1 Satellite

Industry’s first internally powered Subwoofer (M&K Servo Volkswoofer)

M&K builds world’s first direct-to-disc studio in Beverly Hills for RealTime direct-to-disc recordings

M&K releases audiophile classic direct-to-disc LP “For Duke”

M&K continues pioneering work in home theater: installing Satellite-1/Volkswoofer systems in Hollywood screening rooms

First M&K digital recordings in Germany with Philharmonia Hungarica Orchestra

World premiere of digitally recorded dbx-encoded LP’s by M&K Real Time

M&K RealTime CD’s available in Japan

M&K RealTime is first U.S. label to release CD’s (RT-2001, RT-2002)

First M&K CES Design & Engineering award (MX-1000)

First home theater speaker with three-tweeter array (S-100)

First Push-Pull Dual-Driver Powered Subwoofer (MX-2000)

First of many M&K Hi-Fi Grand Prix Product of the Year awards

Industry’s first compact high-performance subwoofer (MX-70)

Industry’s first Transmission Line Tweeter (S-5000)

First M&K Home THX system (S-5000/MX-5000/SS-500)

Industry’s first powered THX subwoofer (MX-5000)

M&K speakers used by Dolby Labs for development and first demos of Dolby Digital audio format

M&K celebrates its 20th anniversary!

First Phase-Focused Crossover introduced (S-85, S-125, S-85C, S-125C)

M&K introduces lowest-priced single THX subwoofer (MX-150)

Feature interview with Ken Kreisel in February Audio magazine

“M&K is the granddaddy of subwoofer manufacturers” Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, USA, Spring, 1997

Feature interview with Ken Kreisel in Widescreen Review magazine

M&K launches 5.1 Pro Solutions professional product line

First M&K inwall speaker (SW-85)
1998 S-125 system winner of Golden Plug Award as Best Surround Speakers from on-line publication E-Town

When astronaut John Glenn returns to space after nearly 40 years, NASA selects an M&K surround system for live broadcast of the event to viewers at the John Goddard Space Flight Center, Latham, Maryland.

M&K celebrate 25th anniversary!

Restoration and remastering of timeless film classics Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz is performed on M&K loudspeaker system.

M&K launches first self-powered monitors.

M&K introduces the ultra-compact, affordable K Series and Xenon Series.

M&K Sound receives the coveted The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award.

Five-time Academy Award winner Ben Burtt’s system uses three S-150s for the front channels, two MX-350 powered subwoofers, and four SS-150 Tripole surround speakers. This M&K system is used to create the very first Surround Read more

International superstar George Michael selects a full M&K 5.1 channel system for his home studio outside London.

M&K introduces the Column Surround Tripole™ Speaker — an industry first.

M&K celebrates 30th anniversary!

For the third and final episode of the new Star Wars trilogy, Revenge of the Sith, producer Rick McCallum uses M&K Speakers.

At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, the Blu-Ray Disc Association selects an M&K loudspeaker system for the introduction of high definition video and audio for the home.

Introduction of M&K Sound 1611P Professional Precision Nearfield Monitor ”One of the most revealing loudspeakers I have ever heard.” –

M&K Sound introduce the SF Series of SUPERFAST DEEP BASS subwoofers – innovative higher output, more sensitive, and more responsive drivers to complement our new amplifier and Headroom Maximizer circuitry. This synergistic combination provides real-world Read more

M&K Sound continues to amaze pro and home users alike, winning over new audiences, fans, and loyal customers. M&K remains at the forefront, driving and embracing new technologies in the service of sound. A proud Read more

M&K celebrates 35th anniversary!
2009 “The company’s product line continues to be solid and provides the sonic experience the original M&K was well known for.” LA Audio File, September 2009 LINK
2009 S150 system wins Grand Prix Read more

Introduction of M&K Sound 950 THX Select surround system “They have the classic attributes that make M&K’s so popular in studios—precise imaging, fast transient response, and an open soundstage.” LA Audio File, August 2010 Read more

HiVi Magazine (Japan, Hong Kong, China honors the 950 system and MX350 subwoofer with their annual “HiVi Grand Prix Award.”

Introduction of 150 M&K 2 THX Ultra, updated with M&K Pro tweeter.

Introduction of 950F, floorstanding version of the popular 950 monitor. The first floor-standing loudspeaker ever from M&K Sound

MP7 On-Wall version of the acclaimed M7 compact monitor introduced for smaller installations and use alongside flatscreen TV’s.

M&K Sound, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, DaCapo records and production company Timbre Music begin a five-year collaboration on the recording of the complete Carl Nielsen symphonies.

Introduction of all-new top of the line M&K Sound X Series subwoofers