Below you can see the full history of M&K Sound

[wc_timeline title=”1973″]

M&K Sound Started

M&K Sound was established in 1973.

Walter Becker of Steely Dan commissioned M&K Sound to design a studio reference subwoofer and monitoring system for the Pretzel Logic LP mixing sessions. The result was the Read more

[wc_timeline title=”1974″]

Reputation by word of mouth

Driven by word of mouth spreading rapidly throughout the music and movie industries, M&K Sound systems were created for leading studios, as well as home installations for producers, directors, actors and Read more

[wc_timeline title=”1976″]

First M&K Satellite/Subwoofer System

This is first M&K Satellite/Subwoofer System (David & Goliath)

First M&K direct-to-disc recordings (Blu and Blu Jam)

[wc_timeline title=”1977″]

M&K introduces adjustable spectral balance (now known as timbre-matching) in S-1 Satellite

Industry’s first internally powered Subwoofer (M&K Servo Volkswoofer)

M&K builds world’s first direct-to-disc studio in Beverly Hills for RealTime direct-to-disc recordings

[wc_timeline title=”1978″]

M&K releases audiophile classic direct-to-disc LP “For Duke”

M&K continues pioneering work in home theater: installing Satellite-1/Volkswoofer systems in Hollywood screening rooms

[wc_timeline title=”1979″]

First M&K digital recordings in Germany with Philharmonia Hungarica Orchestra

World premiere of digitally recorded dbx-encoded LP’s by M&K Real Time

[wc_timeline title=”1982″]

M&K RealTime CD’s available in Japan

[wc_timeline title=”1983″]

M&K RealTime is first U.S. label to release CD’s (RT-2001, RT-2002)

[wc_timeline title=”1988″]

First M&K CES Design & Engineering award (MX-1000)

[wc_timeline title=”1989″]

First home theater speaker with three-tweeter array (S-100)

First Push-Pull Dual-Driver Powered Subwoofer (MX-2000)

[wc_timeline title=”1990″]

First of many M&K Hi-Fi Grand Prix Product of the Year awards

[wc_timeline title=”1991″]

Industry’s first compact high-performance subwoofer (MX-70)

[wc_timeline title=”1992″]

Industry’s first Transmission Line Tweeter (S-5000)

First M&K Home THX system (S-5000/MX-5000/SS-500)

Industry’s first powered THX subwoofer (MX-5000)

[wc_timeline title=”1993″]

M&K speakers used by Dolby Labs for development and first demos of Dolby Digital audio format

[wc_timeline title=”1994″]

M&K celebrates its 20th anniversary!

[wc_timeline title=”1995″]

First Phase-Focused Crossover introduced (S-85, S-125, S-85C, S-125C)

M&K introduces lowest-priced single THX subwoofer (MX-150)

[wc_timeline title=”1996″]

Feature interview with Ken Kreisel in February Audio magazine

[wc_timeline title=”1997″]

“M&K is the granddaddy of subwoofer manufacturers” Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, USA, Spring, 1997

Feature interview with Ken Kreisel in Widescreen Review magazine

M&K launches 5.1 Pro Solutions professional product line

First M&K inwall speaker (SW-85)
1998 S-125 system winner of Golden Plug Award as Best Surround Speakers from on-line publication E-Town

[wc_timeline title=”1998″]

When astronaut John Glenn returns to space after nearly 40 years, NASA selects an M&K surround system for live broadcast of the event to viewers at the John Goddard Space Flight Center, Latham, Maryland.

[wc_timeline title=”1999″]

M&K celebrate 25th anniversary!

Restoration and remastering of timeless film classics Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz is performed on M&K loudspeaker system.

[wc_timeline title=”2000″]

M&K launches first self-powered monitors.

M&K introduces the ultra-compact, affordable K Series and Xenon Series.

[wc_timeline title=”2001″]

M&K Sound receives the coveted The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award.

[wc_timeline title=”2002″]

Five-time Academy Award winner Ben Burtt’s system uses three S-150s for the front channels, two MX-350 powered subwoofers, and four SS-150 Tripole surround speakers. This M&K system is used to create the very first Surround Read more

International superstar George Michael selects a full M&K 5.1 channel system for his home studio outside London.

[wc_timeline title=”2003″]

M&K introduces the Column Surround Tripole™ Speaker — an industry first.

[wc_timeline title=”2004″]

M&K celebrates 30th anniversary!

[wc_timeline title=”2005″]

For the third and final episode of the new Star Wars trilogy, Revenge of the Sith, producer Rick McCallum uses M&K Speakers.

[wc_timeline title=”2006″]

At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, the Blu-Ray Disc Association selects an M&K loudspeaker system for the introduction of high definition video and audio for the home.

Introduction of M&K Sound 1611P Professional Precision Nearfield Monitor ”One of the most revealing loudspeakers I have ever heard.” –

M&K Sound introduce the SF Series of SUPERFAST DEEP BASS subwoofers – innovative higher output, more sensitive, and more responsive drivers to complement our new amplifier and Headroom Maximizer circuitry. This synergistic combination provides real-world Read more

[wc_timeline title=”2007″]

M&K Sound continues to amaze pro and home users alike, winning over new audiences, fans, and loyal customers. M&K remains at the forefront, driving and embracing new technologies in the service of sound. A proud Read more

[wc_timeline title=”2009″]

M&K celebrates 35th anniversary!
2009 “The company’s product line continues to be solid and provides the sonic experience the original M&K was well known for.” LA Audio File, September 2009 LINK
2009 S150 system wins Grand Prix Read more

Introduction of M&K Sound 950 THX Select surround system “They have the classic attributes that make M&K’s so popular in studios—precise imaging, fast transient response, and an open soundstage.” LA Audio File, August 2010 Read more

[wc_timeline title=”2010″]

HiVi Magazine (Japan, Hong Kong, China honors the 950 system and MX350 subwoofer with their annual “HiVi Grand Prix Award.”

[wc_timeline title=”2011″]

Introduction of 150 M&K 2 THX Ultra, updated with M&K Pro tweeter.

Introduction of 950F, floorstanding version of the popular 950 monitor. The first floor-standing loudspeaker ever from M&K Sound

MP7 On-Wall version of the acclaimed M7 compact monitor introduced for smaller installations and use alongside flatscreen TV’s.

M&K Sound, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, DaCapo records and production company Timbre Music begin a five-year collaboration on the recording of the complete Carl Nielsen symphonies.

Introduction of all-new top of the line M&K Sound X Series subwoofers