Special Edition S180 / 780 Series


As a demonstration of our gratitude and in celebration of M&K Sound’s long-standing reputation
In China, we dedicate two new loudspeaker series to our dear audiophile and videophile friends in the Chinese market: M&K Sound S180 and 780.

Each series builds on perhaps the most legendary M&K Sound products of all time, the S150 Series and 750 Series.

While they retain the distinctive exterior styling of their predecessors, internal upgrades are at the core of these new designs. Inspired by the extensive research and development project that became M&K Sound’s most acclaimed loudspeaker range ever, the S300 Series, we took a fresh look at such crucial areas as cabinet construction, damping, wiring and crossover components, in order to implement meaningful improvements for linear response and a more thrilling listening experience tailor made for the demanding Chinese marketplace.

The new models deliver the perfect balance between tonal subtleties, timing and precision that is the foundation of every M&K design.

Employing our no-compromise LCR configuration (identical Left-Center-Right front speakers) as well as our proprietary Tripole surrounds for true voice matching and ultimate flexibility, the S180 Series and 780 Series are the latest incarnation of the natural, three-dimensional signature M&K sound.