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Here’s a trivia question. Who were M&K’s first customers? None other than Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, who in 1973 ordered a custom designed monitoring system for the Pretzel Logic mixdown sessions. 
Shortly thereafter, the first M&K Satellite/Subwoofer system was designed (and used by a number of prominent recording engineers) as a portable reference recording monitor system.

For over 35 years, sound professionals have been using M&K in both their studio and home systems. 
In the early ‘90s, pro use of MK speakers really heated up, led by Dolby Labs. During the development of the Dolby Digital discrete 5.1 channel surround system, several of Dolby’s key technical people heard the M&K 5000THX system at Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Ranch, during the HDTV Grand Alliance listening tests.
This led to Dolby acquiring a 5000 system, which they used as their reference speaker for the development of Dolby Digital. Dolby’s San Francisco labs and listening rooms have used M&K since then, and the 150 system has become a fixture in Dolby’s Los Angeles and New York reference rooms. 
M&K speakers were also used for all of the industry demonstrations of Dolby Digital prior to the introduction of actual processors by individual manufacturers. The FCC Advanced Television Standards Committee (High Definition TV) uses M&K in their laboratory and in a system that they use in overseas presentations to demonstrate the superiority of the American HD standard to countries that have not yet selected an HDTV standard.
And Dolby is not the only multichannel advocate using M&K. Multi-channel music pioneer DTS employed multiple M&K systems for their groundbreaking re-mixes. In fact, if there’s one thing that Dolby, DTS, and THX can agree upon, it is that they all use M&K speakers!

The Hollywood postproduction community has embraced the M&K system as the 5.1 channel standard. As more professionals have an opportunity to hear it, the number of studios installing it increases. Well over 100 professional recording and mastering studio rooms in the music, film, and video fields are using MK systems as their reference.

Pro audio’s EQ magazine reviewed the MPS system, and the reviewer loved it, concluding “For a professional surround sound system, I think the MK MPS-150THX is the one to beat.” After using MK for the score of the blockbuster Armageddon, composer Trevor Rabin commented “the bottom line is MK’s MPS line of 5.1 monitors and powered subwoofers are the best speakers I’ve ever heard.”

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