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The M&K Sound MX-350mkII subwoofer uses dual ultra-high performance, long-throw 12” magnetically shielded drivers, capable of extremely high output with superb articulation, clarity, and authority.

The onboard power amplifiers employ M&K SOUND Balanced Push-Pull Dual Drive Amplifier technology, which incorporates proprietary Headroom Maximizer IV circuitry to prevent amplifier clipping and the resulting unwanted audible artifacts.


Sating or Cloth
23.5” x 15.3” x 20” 59.6 x 38.8 x 50.8 cm

Frequency Response:
18 Hz – 200 Hz ±3dB

Low-Pass Filter:
50 Hz-125 Hz, continuously variable, 80 Hz fixed (THX), or Bypass

Power Handling:
350 Watts RMS

82 lbs/37.3 kg

Delivering massive power, these innovative amplifiers produce extremely clean sound and extraordinary articulation, along with enormous output and incredible dynamic range.

M&K SOUND’s Deep Bass sealed-box design produces significant low frequency extension,
with in-room response flat to well below 20 Hz for lifelike power and authority, that other subwoofers simply cannot match.


M&K SOUND’s Push-Pull Dual Driver Configuration delivers a major improvement in bass detail and articulation by virtually eliminating even-order harmonic distortion and doubling the sound power per watt of amplifier power, for 6 dB of additional output.

The MX-350mkII is a high-output powered subwoofer that uses two ultra high-performance 12” long-throw, coated pulp cone, magnetically shielded drivers in a sealed Deep Bass enclosure which utilizes M&K Sound’s Push-Pull Dual Driver Configuration to virtually eliminate distortion and add 6 dB of output! A continuously variable phase adjustment from 0-180 degrees allows for perfect integration of the subwoofer with any speaker system and listening room.

Speaker level and line level connections are included for maximum set-up flexibility. An automatic On/Standby switching circuit activates the amplifier when a signal is detected and turns it off after a period with no signal. The all-discrete 350 Watt power amplifier circuit features exceptional deep bass power and sonics and uses M&K Sound’s Balanced Push-Pull Dual Drive Amplifier technology, with proprietary Headroom Maximizer IV circuitry to prevent amplifier clipping and provide enormous output and intense dynamics with great clarity.

Available in black satin finish with black cloth grille.

Oliver Stone - Home Theater - MX350