All the movies won Academy Awards for sound – and are all mixed and edited on M&K Sound speakers

  • Wall-E
  • king-kong
  • Return of the King
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • The incredibles
  • chicago cover
  • Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
  • black-hawk-down
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Star Wars Episode I
  • Star Wars Episode II

What the experts are saying

For the remastering and restoration of Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz, we needed a monitoring system that could accurately reproduce the sonic nuances and dynamic range inherent in many of the old soundtracks, and when mixed and programmed to 5.1 surround format, be able to translate seamlessly to our THX mixing stage. The MK 5.1 monitoring system was a perfect medium for this.
John Blum – Product Specialist, Chace Productions 1999
We feel that high performance audio is essential in picture editing and the use of the MK 2510 system, with its excellent dialogue intelligibility, allowed us to catch production sound faults early in the process. In addition, high quality sound can affect an editor’s decisions by providing an enhanced emotional context to a scene. During the production process, our editors were so taken with the quality of sound that a full MK 2510 system was shipped to Leavensden Studios in England, to be used in the cutting of the production dailies.
Paul Matwiy – Sound Designer, Star Wars Episodes I, II and III
We’ve been using MK THX speaker systems on the Star Wars films in both the sound design and picture editing suites. The MK THX speakers’ accuracy and imaging qualities let us hear all the nuances of dialogue, music and sound effects at every stage of the creative process. This gives us the ability to create the powerful, yet subtle and persuasive soundtracks that are the hallmark of the Star Wars films.
Rick McCallum – Producer, Star Wars Episodes I, II and III
These monitors are, to put it simply, quite wonderful! The imaging is extraordinarily precise. When we planned this studio, we wanted a high end digital room, that still retained an analogue feel and the MK’s suit that brief perfectly since they have a real presence, an analogue quality and warmth to their sound.
Andy Richards – Out of Eden Studios, Long, England, 2001


Movie Sound for a 3D World
See as PDF.
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
See as PDF.
Michael Voigt, Heimkino
Those who want an uncompromising home cinema sound and have suffi cient space as well as a wallet…See as PDF.
Michael Voigt, Heimkino
It´s quite rare to find a sealed subwoofer at this price-point and equally rare to find a sealed subwoofer that´s room-friendly… See as PDF.
Gary Williams, Australian Hi-Fi
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